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It is a design creation from our concept using botanicals, sparkle shapes, shells, sea glass and sea life, along with our fragrance beads to create a detailed display that can become a personal little oasis, ”A Resort for Your Mind”tm.

Our product is a unique mix of our polymer spheres, infused with our own fragrances. Each design and fragrance is distinctive and very meticulous. Every design has its own exclusive fragrance.  The most significant feature is that our products do not resemble anything currently on the market.

It’s easy to set up your own personal, “Exotic Recovery”, Resort For Your Mind! Simply open your TUBE, PRE-BAGGED SACHET, or BULK purchase. Place it into a favorite dish or container. Let the wonderful fragrance carry you to your special place, as you arrange the tiny pieces of your little Resort. You can enjoy your personal oasis at home, in the office or you might want to have you favorite fragrance with you while traveling in your car.

All of our delightful aromatic fragrance beads can be accented by our corresponding CANDLES and, available for each individual fragrance. The candles are presented in a glass container, placed in a clear box with decorative pieces in the bottom of the package that can be decoratively displayed around the candle. Our soaps also can be purchased in a number of different ways, Full Loaf, Pre-sliced, Individual Shrinkwrap, and Clear Boxes. These are a perfect addition to our wide variety of home fragrance beads and will further bring you to your personal, “Exotic Recovery”, Resort For Your Mind!




At Exotic Recovery each of our SPA THERAPY PRODUCTS are uniquely formulated to support the body's changing needs. Our products will help you to recharge and revitalize, relax and relieve tension and stress, to protect the skin, and most importantly strengthen the mind-body-spirit connection.

These unique BODY and FOOT Care products meet the edge where texture, aroma oils, herbs, vitamins and minerals join to soothe, moisturize, relieve and refresher in a new effective way while sending your spirit to your own personal place - "A Resort For Your Mind"tm.

Exotic Recovery's MANDARIN-MINT BODY CARE is our AM / PM essentials for stimulating you each morning and, uplifting the you in the evening. Mint and mandarin blend to cool, invigorate, soothe and inspire your Exotic Recovery. A discovery you will not want to be without.

Exotic Recovery's herbal SWEET GRASS BODY CARE products combine the Ancient American Native tradition with modern technology. Center your spirit with the uplifting freshness of Mother Earth's gifts to man while conditioning your body to house all of the goodness inside you.

Exotic Recovery offers "An Oasis For Your Feet". MANDARIN-MINT FOOT CARE, where mints, tangerine, mandarin, herbs, minerals and oils join together to soften, relax, relieve and renew your feet accompanied by aromas that treat you to an experience like no other.

With our new TRAVEL SET you can take your favorite BODY and FOOT CARE products with you wherever you go.


Our BODY and FOOT CARE GIFT SET make exquisite presents for your anyone who enjoys a relaxing and renewing experience.

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